Private and Group Walks – Puppy Breaks and Senior Visits

Walking is a natural urge for dogs. They love to explore their territory and socialize with other dogs and people. Your dog will benefit from the mental stimulation and physical exertion of our walks and they will come home tired and ready to relax.

Dog Walking
All walks are thirty to forty-five minutes – depending on the weather, the dog and the activities on the outing.
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Private Walks
Individual private on leash walks around the neighbourhood or to local parks. Each walk is tailored to the individual dog, be it a gentle stroll or a fast paced, game filled adventure!
Per walk $20*
Per walk – 5 days/week (save $10) $90*
Group Outing
A fun filled group walk on leash to dog friendly trails or off leash to local dog parks. Always full of tail wagging fun and socialization!
Per outing $18*
Per outing – 5 days/week – Monday to Friday (save $10) $80*
Additional Dog
Each additional dog from the same household.
Group or private $10*


Puppy Breaks / Senior Visits
A twenty minute visit for your puppy once or twice daily for a potty break, feeding, clean up and play time. Lots of snuggles and some basic manners too! Also suitable for seniors who may need more frequent potty breaks.
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1 visit/day $15*
1 visit/day – 5 days/week (save $5) $70*


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